SEO – search engine optimization

The search engine algorithm determines how many potential customers will find you.

With search engine optimization, you can not only optimize your own shop and product descriptions, but also make clever use of social media and external websites


How good is your online shop in terms of SEO? We are happy to analyze your shop and show you improvements.


Backlinks are an essential part of your ranking. How many high-quality links do you have in your shop? We will show you how to get high-quality links.

keyword research

Are you using the right keywords? We’ll help you with your research! 

Content is king

Do you have the right content? We help you  designing your content to be found.

Search engine optimization or search engine optimization (SEO) consists of two parts. The first challenge is to optimize your own web presence, whether website or online shop (SEO Onpage). At least as important
but also the optimization potential outside of your own web presence (SEO off-page)

SEO on and off page

Various factors are relevant for the search engine. In general, one can say that the site should be as user-friendly as possible. This includes a fast loading time, a clean page structure and high quality
content. The content should be equipped with relevant keywords to enable a good ranking. In addition, the focus on mobile presentation should be considered. 

In addition to optimizing your own web presence, it is very important to take the environment into account. As many high-quality links as possible from other websites should refer to your own site. All the more well-known and relevant
the linked pages are, the better for your own ranking. We would be happy to advise you on these and other topics.