online marketing

In addition to great products and a perfect shop, online marketing plays a central role in eCommerce. Here you can use tools more efficiently, such as e-mail marketing, lead generation, social media marketing
or search engine optimization. Automate the sales process by systematically onboarding customers and billing them electronically.

Save yourself time and nerves by letting the computer do as much of the routine work as possible.

With search engine optimization, you can not only optimize your own shop and product descriptions, but also make clever use of social media and external websites


How good is your online shop in terms of SEO? We are happy to analyze your shop and offer suggestions for improvement.


How many high-quality links do you have in your shop? Do you have good inbound and outbound links?

keyword research

Are you using the right keywords? We’ll help you with your research! 

Content is king

Do you have the right content?

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SEA search engine advertising

search campaign

display campaign

video campaign

shopping campaign

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local campaign 

Google Ads

There are different campaign types for your target groups. We will help you to determine the best course of action.

Almost 4 billion people currently use at least one of many social media platforms. So it’s no wonder that the focus of marketing is shifting in this direction. Every company without a strategy in this area leaves a lot of potential. In addition to branding to sharpen the brand message, social media can be used in a targeted manner to acquire new customers. 


2.8 billion users monthly


1 billion users monthly


330 million users monthly


260 million users monthly


100 million users monthly


1.9 billion users monthly