New customers through online marketing

Your website is a virtual sales representative who works for you around the clock and your online shop is open all the time. Interested parties can obtain information and contact you at any time. You can automatically build up a contact list and keep your customers up to date with regular newsletters. A good basis, then, but how do potential new customers find you?

Global online advertising spending is over $300 billion. Ascending trend. It is not without reason that Google and Facebook have risen to become the largest corporations in the world. But why should your company care about it?

The first port of call to find a product or service is often the search engine. In particular, Google is of course known worldwide. A placement on the first page of results is very competitive, since most interested parties do not want to look much further. It is almost impossible for smaller companies to assert themselves and be listed here.

The ranking can be improved by many factors with the help of search engine optimization (SEO). However, being listed at the top remains a dream for many. Or not?

Because Google leaves everyone at the top if you are willing to pay something. These Google advertisements can be created by companies for specific target groups, they are temporarily shown your offers.

But how much does something like that cost, and how many potential customers can be reached?

For example, if you want to sell shoes in the DACH region, you can simulate a campaign and come up with the following numbers:

term “buy shoes”
Daily budget: 20€
Forecast for a month
Clicks: 300
Impressions: 13000

This prognosis means that your advert will be shown approximately 13,000 times and that an estimated 300 prospective customers will visit your website. Depending on the industry and search term, these numbers can vary greatly. You can set your budget yourself. The larger the budget, the greater the reach.

Social Media Ads

Besides Google, you can also promote your target audience on social media. With almost 4 billion users, there is huge potential here. In the B2C area, Facebook and Instagram are ideal. LinkedIn and Xing for B2B, because advertising campaigns can also be carried out there. It is extremely important for SMEs to be present on the right channels, but there is not always time to implement a holistic online marketing strategy. Feel free to contact us to discuss your options.